Polyurethane Foam Insulation Services for Lethbridge, Alberta

Polyurethane Application Services

As experienced, certified urethane applicators, Reliable Urethane offers a host of service for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural polyurethane foam applications. No job is ever too small or too large. And, with over 3 decades of experience, you’re always assured of a quality application.

What is Polyurethane Foam?

When dried, polyurethane foam becomes a dense cluster of plastic cells that creates an air-tight seal on nearly any surface, including walls, corners, and even difficult areas such as contoured surfaces. These properties make polyurethane foam a superior choice in structural insulation materials. Before or after a structure has been completed, it can be applied to building exteriors, attics, basements, and between wall studs.

Gypsum Fire Barrier Applications

Because of its material properties, polyurethane foam requires a fire protection element. Using a half-inch gypsum application, polyurethane foam will remain intact for up to 15 minutes of direct exposure to flames.

From our head office in Taber, Alberta, Reliable Urethane Applicators & Painters Ltd serves homes and businesses in the Taber and Lethbridge areas and the surrounding areas. We’ve helped numerous business and homeowners save money on energy expenditures. Because a polyurethane foam application saves money and energy, while also increasing structural strength, it is perfect for:

Agricultural Buildings

Commercial Properties

Apartments & Rental Properties

Residential Properties

Industrial Facilities


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